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First-To-File Patent Law Dictates Fast Time to Patenting Demand on Companies

We previously reported on Mr. Bao Tran, the attorney that Align Technology referred to in court filings as the Architect of the Invisalign® patent portfolio. He is an expert at patent portfolio creation for companies ranging from start-ups to public companies.

We had a chance to revisit the blog and we found errors in the posting. We also spoke to Mr. Tran at Tran & Associates ( and realized that he had good information to share with employers on the recent change to First-To-File Patent Law affecting provisional patent applications and utility patent applications.

He indicated that all companies need to protect their IPs quickly as this is a race to the Patent Office.  He recommended the use of automated patent workflow tools to help inventors document their invention quickly (and cheaply). These patent workflow tools guide newbies in preparing high quality patent applications that companies can forward to their IP lawyers to revise.  The result is fast time to patent, high quality due to collaboration between inventors and patent attorneys.  Best of all, using these patent workflow tools such as those from PowerPatent, the company has complete visibility on what their inventors are inventing and the stages of the invention and all information is captured to maintain company ownership and proof in case of derivation proceedings.

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